Project and installation of Professional equipments

You want to make a kitchen to a public or private community (hospital, prison, nursing home, school, bank, executive kitchen), for the catering sector (hotel, classic restaurant, snack), For a workshop - caterer (a butcher shop, a fishmonger, a ice-cream laboratory), a convention center or service station ?  Also, we bring you our capital gain(increase in value) in the context of preliminary audits to the renovations or put in the standards of great cuisines(large kitchens). We are at your service!

We also provide the region: Madagascar, Reunion, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Mayotte

From the advice to the conception of professional kitchens

We propose you our services as consultant, or for an integral accompaniment.  In this last case, Our experienced team take over the creation of your new kitchen from A to Z.

  • The preparation of the plan of zone which determines where will be the cold kitchen, the hot food, the dry and refrigerated storage space, the laundry, etc.

  • The plan of setting-up which will equip the culinary infrastructure equipment and furniture - by getting back what is still usable - and will plan all which it relates to infrastructures.

  • The writing of the specifications for your great kitchen, budgeting in its entirety, with the details of each phase and a specific timetable.

  • The analysis of the offers, by making play the competition, so as to protect from the objectivity.